Is it painful to have the steri strips removed after a breast reduction?

This is my second BR (20 yrs ago and then now), I don't recall having steri strips however here I am. I have quite hard blotches of dried blood underneath the strips and around the aureola and underneath. I go to the PS next week (my 2nd visit to her, she took of the main dressing last week). Will she take them off? And does it hurt because they stick so much?

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Steri-strips are put on the incision to support the closure. Some surgeons recommend wearing it for 3-6 weeks. Others do not. Best to ask your surgeon.

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Is it painful to have the steri strips removed after a breast reduction?

Congratulations on having undergone the repeat breast reduction procedure; generally, these operations tend to be very patient pleasing. Is not possible to predict when your plastic surgeon will remove the tapes given that every practitioner is different in their “protocols”. However, generally speaking tape removal is not a painful process.

Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed

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