2 months post-op Radiesse. Pain on cheekbone.

First week of Feb'14 got radiesse on each cheek, right one got extremely swollen, the other side healed with not issues. Affected cheek didn't get better until day 10th. Has been 2 months since then and pain doesn't go away at all. From the outside you see nothing wrong, but pain comes right from cheekbone from nowhere every other day or each 2-3 times a week. I'm afraid something can be going on in my cheek bone or nerve(s)? Thanks!

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Pain after Radiesse

The placement of Radiesse is deep; the needle can cause slight trauma to the periosteum with the method of deep injection. This may take some time to heal, and may feel bruised. It wouldn't hurt to return to the injector and make sure they feel as though there is nothing to be worried about. Best of luck.

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2 months after Radiesse injections

Dear Flora29695,

  • It sounds benign (no infection), and if there was a deep bruise to cause the swelling, that could also be the source of the pain
  • As long as things look ok, you can try massaging the area gently
  • See your injector for a check up

Nima Shemirani

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Pain after filler injection

Radiesse is a filler that is usually placed deeply on the cheek bone. The lining of the bone, called the periosteum, is very sensitive and can remain sore after injection. The infraorbital nerve, which is a sensory nerve, may also have been stimulated by injection. It exits along the cheekbone under the pupil. Nerve discomfort from injection is usually temporary, although it can take many months to resolve.

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