I was wondering if an antecedent of strabismus could be a complication for the laser myopia surgery?

Hi, I am 18 year old and I'm considering the Lasik surgery for my myopia. My prescription is about -4 in each eye, and I am now allergic to lenses following a keratitis. The thing is; I've got a strabismus surgery when I was about 3. Seems like it was well done, cause I don't get the lazy eye anymore, except when I'm really tired.

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I do not believe that having had strabismus surgery when 3yo is a contraindication to laser vision correction. HOWEVER, - you should tell your doctor - and I mean the ophthalmologist /surgeon that will be performing the procedure about your previous operation- there may be some changes in the anatomy of your eye(s) from the surgery that may make LASIK, but not PRK, more difficult and risky- you may want to also consult with a specialist who treats strabismus to get his/her opinion- in general, PRK is a safer procedure than LASIK

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