Coolsculpting yesterday. I'm very swollen, extremely tender abdomen, and I have a fever. Could swelling and pain be the cause?

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Coolsculpting yesterday. I'm very swollen, extremely tender abdomen, and I have a fever. Could swelling and pain be the cause?

Thank you for your question. It is normal to feel swollen and tender, however, I would speak to your treating physician about the fever. Regards,

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Fever and abdominal pain/swelling after Coolsculpting

Sorry to hear about your discomfort after Coolsculpting. Abdominal swelling and tenderness are common after the treatment, but fever is very unusual and not an expected side effect. The fever may be unrelated to treatment, but I would recommend contacting your treating physician for a follow up visit. I hope you feel better soon.

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Coolsculpting yesterday. I'm very swollen, extremely tender abdomen, and I have a fever. Could swelling and pain be the cause?

Hi and sorry to hear about your recovery. Most of the symptoms you describe are common following coolsculpting. However, fever is not a common symptom so please contact your coolsculpting practice for further advice. Good luck.

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Inflammation that leads to swelling is common after treatment with CoolSculpting.  I recommend the use of an abdominal binder to prevent excess swelling.  You should contact your physician regarding the fever though.

Swelling, Tenderness and Fever after Coolsculpting.

It is normal to have tenderness and some swelling for a few days after having your treatment.  It is very unusual to have a fever.  More than likely it is unrelated but I definitely would recommend that you call your treating physician and let them know.  He or she may want to to come in for a checkup just to be sure.

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Coolsculpting and Fever and Pain

I have never seen anyone with fever from Coolsculpting but I would absolutely contact my physician who performed Coolsculpting to evaluate.  Please keep us posted.  Best, Dr. Green

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Fever After CoolSculpting

Good Morning Hockeymumm,
Thanks for reaching out.

Post treatment issues with CoolSculpting are varied and tend to be mild. Most often we will see things like, swelling, occasional bruising, tenderness and "funny" sensations or numbness. In the short term these are well treated with rest, Tylenol or anti-inflammatories.

There are prescription medications available that can help numb feelings or other odd sensations.

On rare occasions, during or immediately after the procedure some people can feel a little light headed. That can be managed with monitoring, position changes and stopping the treatement.

In regards to fever, it is not felt that the inflammation caused by CoolSculpting is sufficient to raise your temperature. If the discomfort is significant enough, and you are not taking full breaths, you can get a transient mild fever after any procedure (from a self limiting condition known as atelectasis). This resolves with deep breathing and walking about within a couple of days.

It is cold and flu season in Ottawa right now, and there can be any number of reasons to have a fever. Get in touch with your treatment team and your family doctor. If the symptoms persist a more thorough workup might be in order.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Take care.

Dr Nodwell

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