What benefit does RED light have on skin if any? I am referring to machines like the Beauty Angel RVT 30

I am hoping for stimulation of collagen, maybe reduce brown spots and wrinkles, aging skin. Does it help at all?

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What benefit does RED light have on skin if any?

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Hello DJ777,Thank you for your question.  The clinical data on LED light therapy clearly shows it to be safe and efficacious, but only under the correct conditions.  By this I mean the device must have enough power and fluence and the patient must adhere to a strict regimen that takes several treatments before results are seen.  Most papers showing a benefit from red light treatments use devices that deliver at least 40-60mW/cm2 and with treatments delivered every other day for a month.  Red light specifically has shown an increase in collagen with a resultant decrease in fine wrinkles.  the mechanism appears to be an increase in mitochondrial ATP production that stimulates the collagen production.  Good luck!

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