Do Orthodontics Provide Dental Bridges? How Long Does It Take?

I have a couple questions pertaining to the one above as well. First off, do orthodontics provide dental bridges? If so, how long does it take to produce the fake teeth?

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Permanent Bridges Not Performed By Orthodontists

Typically, orthodontists do not place bridges.  They will align the teeth correctly leaving an adequate amount of space for an aethetic looking bridge.  You would be sent back to your general dentist that would fit you for your new bridge.  It only takes a few days in our office before you would receive your permanent bridge.  Good luck.

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Orthodontics does NOT "produce a bridge".

Orthodontics MOVES TEETH.When there is enough space between 2 teeth to fit another one in, then the orthodontist can add a "fake tooth" to the braces while the rest of the orthodontic movement is completed. Once completed, however, that "false tooth" will have to be "permanently" replaced in your mouth by your "restorative dentist" with an implant, or a fixed or removable bridge.

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Orthodontists can put fake teeth onto the braces to hide spaces

Orthodontists do not provide permanent bridges - that would be something your general dentist or a prosthodontist (specialist) can do for you. 

If however, you have a missing tooth in the front while doing braces - your orthodontist can (if he/she deems it feasible) put a fake tooth onto your wire or Invisalign tray to help conceal the fact that you are missing a tooth.  This is temporary while you are doing your orthodontic treatment.  Then your dentist can take care of the rest for you and give you a permanent solution like a bridge or implant. 

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