Can You Eat in Public While Wearing an Essix Bridge?

Can a patient eat food (soft or cut in small pieces), while wearing an Essix appliance containing replacements for 3 upper molars?

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Eating while wearing an essix

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An essix appliance is made for purely esthetics only.  It is usually made for either retaining the teeth in place after braces or in your case to maintain the teeth while having "false" teeth inserted so that it appears that you have a normal smile. We do this often and it is a successful way of temporarily replacing missing teeth while implants are healing.  It is however, not recommended to eat with the appliance.  The appliance is not strong enough, neither is it made for eating. I do understand that you do not want to eat in public without it.  Unfortunately, during this healing phase, you need to be very diligent about wearing it as well as not eating with it.  Please be caeful with the appliance.  Keep it clean.  After the temporary situation is fixed, you will be as good as new. 

Jacksonville Dentist

Essix appliance as temporary.

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The Essie appliance is a plastic form of teeth that is meant to provide a temporary aesthetic replacement for missing teeth. Because it's plastic it might not be a great idea to eat with them, the appliance might break. Since it's replacing 3 molars there is likely not much supporting the appliance and as a result it might give to even a bit of pressure. Safest bet is to remove the appliance and place in a suitable case, never wrap in a napkin, it might get tossed away.

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Eating with Temporary Dental Work

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An Essix appliance is basically intended to provide a reasonably good looking temporary filler for the missing teeth, and to keep the natural teeth in place while the dental treatment continues.  Eating with them is pretty risky, not to you but to the Essix device.  You will also find that food gets under them a bit and you'll have to go and take it out anyway for cleaning. 

So, if you have something you wouldn't have to chew anyway, like a soft summer fruit, go ahead!  Anything else, you are probably better off slipping your custom temporary device out of your mouth.

Be careful never to wrap it up in a napkin - too many get thrown out that way - but to put it in the plastic case your dentist gave you.

Many people get Essix devices when they are having implants done to replace molars - if that's true for you, congratulations on your decision to take the very best care of your oral health you can!

Steve Carstensen, DDS
Bellevue Dentist

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