Radiesse bad results?

I just had radiesse filler on my nose, hoping to have a higher nose bridge. But as a result my nose now looked wider and have a weird look to it. What can I do now? Should I get radiesse again to adjust it?

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Less is more

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Radiesse can cause significant swelling. I recommend massaging the area and molding it to the shape you are seeking. Your doctor should be able to assist you with this technique,

In general, when treating the nose and areas which require etching and subtle contouring (tear troughs, smile lines), rather than volumizing (cheeks), less is more. This means that staying conservative with the amount of filler used in these areas often gives a better cosmetic outcome.

I suggest you follow up with your doctor within 2 weeks to re-assess. I also suggest using a hyaluronic acid gel type filler for nose contouring, such as Juvederm.

Good luck!

Bellevue Dermatologic Surgeon
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# Radiesse bad results?

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I would not advise having more Radiesse injected to "correct" a previous treatment of your nose. It might make sense if you feel you were undercorrected in a region that can support additional filler (such as the cheekbones or nasolabial folds) but the nose has very thin skin and overfilling it may result in additional problems. There is also no way to "neutralize" injected material (as there is, at least theoretically, with HA products and hyaluronidase). Most likely, simple massage of the overfilled areas (if that's what they are) will be the best course at this time. If it's very early after your injection, then some of what you're seeing may be the effect of swelling from the injection itself. Otherwise, though, there are limitations to what degree this can be reversed.

Sorry about that, but it will hopefully settle down better on its own over the next few weeks. You should, of course, remain in touch with your own plastic surgeon.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Radiesse in the Nose

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Use of fillers in the nose can accomplish subtle aesthetic improvements, but is limited in range. It is sometimes refrred to as a nonsurgical Rhinoplasty, but this is more a marketing term than an adequate descriptor of the technique. Without a picture, it is very hard to give any meaningful advice on the result. Further injections may worsen the current scenario; Radiesse cannot be dissolved like hyaluronic acid fillers. Make sure that your Doctor is experienced in this technique.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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