Misshapen breasts. Cone shaped with large nipples. How can this be corrected? (photos)

How could I get a natural attractive shape to my breasts. They are mishapen and cone shaped. I want a good C sized cup if possible. I don't fit well into any bras. I am self conscious of them. A lactation consultant had said I had tubular breast deformity and I was unable to nurse my son exclusively due to the lack of glandular tissue. How much will fixing it cost? I'm in Florida thank you.

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Improvement is possible.

Based on your photos, you do exhibit signs of tuberous breasts which would explain your difficulties with breastfeeding. Aesthetically, there are some corrections and improvements that can be made. Multiple corrections may be needed in order to give you a result you’ll be happy with. It’s difficult to say exactly what will be entailed, but your plastic surgeon will likely need to release the constricted tissue that’s causing the tuberous shape of your breast tissue and then restore a normal shape to the breasts with a lift. This process, combined with implants, can restore a round, full shape to your breasts, and a nipple revision surgery will likely be needed as well. As far as cost and exactly what procedures you’ll need, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can give you more details after a physical examination. Best wishes.

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Misshapen breasts. Cone shaped with large nipples. How can this be corrected? (photos)

You do have what is called tubular breast. This would require a special kind of mastopexy (uplift), and breast implants. A face-to-face consultation with a plastic surgeon might reveal that you need a nipple reduction as well. I highly recommend that you seek a consultation with a plastic surgeon with lots of experience with these type breasts. The cost will vary from place to place, but generally is related to the time it takes to correct your problem. You will need a personal consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the price. Thank you for your photographs and interesting question. Best of luck to you.

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Correcting Tuberous Breasts

Your photos show that you have a condition called tuberous breasts.  Although there can be many different variations, the typical characteristics are a very narrow breast with the breast tissue bulging forward behind the areole, which can stretch the areole quite a bit.  Sometimes one breast looks different than the other and one side is much larger than the other.  The basic problem is that the breast tissue grows in a very small circle, pushing forward rather than outward toward the sides of the breast.  The standard correction includes adding an implant to increase size and a wider shape, repositioning your own breast tissue to spread outward, and decreasing the size and bulging of the areole.  Any sagging can also be corrected at the same time.  This is a single outpatient surgery and creates a much more normal, attractive breast.

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Breast reconstruction for tuberous breasts

Thanks for your photos. For your tuberous breasts deformity a breast reconstruction with an inframammarial incision should be performed. During this surgery a nipple reduction should be done. For a C cup you will need up to 350 cc implants. Please consult with a board certified PS who has extensive experience in deformities to achieve your desired appearance.

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How to fix Tuberous Breast deformity?

Hi Lilly,Thanks for your question and photos. You certainly have tuberous breast deformity. You will need a breast lift, nipple reduction and breast augmentation with releasing of your tight breast tissue. It will take months for the implants to stretch your skin to make them look natural. A full C is an option. All these procedures could be done at once but you may need a revision. Cost is based on what you want done or what you expect to see. It is certainly correctable. See several board certified plastic surgeons. Good Luck! 

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Tuberous breast "deformity"

The shape of your breasts is known as a tuberous breast "deformity".  It is a relatively common normal variant of breast shapes and can be improved with breast surgery.  The surgery usually consists of releasing the tissues causing the constricted shape, placement of breast implants to create better shape and symmetry, and an incision around the areola to reduce the size and create better symmetry of the Nipple/areola.  Consulting with a board certified Plastic Surgeon, who has experience with this type of breast deformity, will help you determine the ideal combination procedure to achieve your desired appearance.Good luck with your surgery!

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You have Tuberous Breast and there are good methods to correct your concerns

You have asymmetric Tuberous Breast. The good news is that there are good surgical techniques to markedly improve the appearance of your breast. A peri areolar incision can be completely around your nipple areolar complex. This can be used to go under your breast to release the constriction of the back of your breast and as a way to put in two different size Siltex textured gel implants to release and enlarge your breast and to improve   the difference in size of your two breast. After the implants are in place the shape of your nipple areolar complexes can be addressed by marking a inner circle to incise. The skin between the two circles is de epithelialized (removal of the superficial layer of the skin) and the two circles are closed by sliding the skin between the two circles under the skin out side the outer circle. The outer circle is then closed to the inner circle with buried sutures. Make sure you have a personal consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with experience with your problem. Ask for before and after photos. I know you can have a great result.

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Misshapen breasts. Cone shaped with large nipples. How can this be corrected? (photos)

Yes small tubular breast with herniated areolae tissue. A few operations may be needed. Fee ranges from $8,000 to $15,000.

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Your lactation consultant knows their business

It does appear that you have tuberous breasts.  Tuberous breast can range in severity starting with a mild tightness of the lower portion of the breast all the way to cone shaped breasts that appear almost sock-like with herniation of the breast tissue into the areolas.  In more severe cases like yours you want to be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon that is comfortable treating this type of breast.  You should expect to hear your doctor talk about releasing the constrictive fibers in the lower pole of the breast.  I find that using a firmer gel implant ("gummy-bear") on top of the muscle tends to give better results.  Because you are thin with very little breast tissue you may consider using a tear-drop shaped implant so that it does't look too fake.  That is often a problem with implants over the muscle.  By placing the implants over the muscle it does a better job at reshaping the tight lower pole of the breast and stretching the skin to give a rounder shape to the bottom part of the breast.Sometimes you also require a circumareolar incision to improve treat the "pointy" appearance of the areolas/nipples.  But, this is something that can also be done at a later date if the augmentation isn't able to improve the areola appearance once the fibers have been cut.

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Tuberous Breasts

Thank you for your question and photos. You do demonstrate tuberous breast characteristics. Often, Plastic Surgeons will combine breast augmentation with silicone implants and a combination of breast lift/release of constricted tissue in order to reshape your breasts and areolas.
I recommend that you book an in-person consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon in order to determine the best plan for you!
All the best

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