I have swelling mainly in both my arms after Breast Augmentation. Will this go away?

I'm 34, day 5 post op with swelling in my belly and fore arms. I'm not concerned with the abdominal swelling as that seems to go away within a few weeks. I had a really bad reaction to the Percocet originally and it took about 24-36 hours for the itchiness and rash to subside. Still can't lift my arms very much and the pain is manageable by taking motrin alone and a muscle relaxer. My aunt lymphedema, but it was after breast cancer surgery where they were cutting in and around her lymph nodes.

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Arm swelling after Breast Augmentation

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Fluid retention in the soft tissues of the upper abdomen and arms is not uncommon after breast augmentation. If you have more swelling on one side that doesn't resolve with time, further evaluation for a rare complication such as a venous thrombosis (blood clot) should be considered. Elevating your arms and reduction in salt intake may be beneficial. 

Swollen arms post aug

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It is hard to see why this is happening.It could be residual from drug reaction or fluid retention.Perhaps elevating your arms may help.See your doc if it persists.

Breast augmentation will not cause lymphedema.

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Swelling of the hands and arms is probably due to fluid retention after the operation. This will improve with time.

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