After Ultherapy, Heavy Sagging Under my Chin?

I had Ultherapy on my neck and forehead 4 days ago, and now I have this very loose area under my chin that is just hanging there, like a gobble. It is the exact opposite affect that I got the Ulthera for to begin with! I am very thin, so it really sticks out. It looks like the only "fat" part on my body. My neck:chin angle is significantly worse now than before Ultherapy. Please help me understand what to expect now. The area is also numb.

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Post Ultherapy swelling below the chin

If the swelling is new and was not there before the procedure, then it indicates that it is swelling related to inflammation and localized lymphedema. It will go away. Bioflavonods like Swell-X will reduce the swelling as well as sleeping with 2 pillows for a week or two. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook provided on the link below. 

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Swelling from ultherapy during facial lifting with a non invasive technique

Ultherapy tightens and lifts facial skin but there can be swelling microscopically in the face that with gravity deposits in the lower facial and neck areas the next day to few days. Puffiness in the skin underneath the chin and neck may be this fluid retention that is expected to go away. One may develop a wonderful result from Ultherapy despite this intiial swelling. 

Please follow up with your doctor.

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Sagging After Ulthera

This can be caused from the initial swelling. After the swelling goes down the skin takes more time to bounce back. It should go back after 2-3 weeks and get get better.

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Ultherapy and post treatment swelling

This is most certainly post treatment swelling.  This will resolve over time and sleeping with your head and back elevated will also be helpful . The final outcome will take several months.

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