Best Options for Skin Irregularities After Liposuction?

After liposuction there was some skin irregularities. What is the best options for skin irregularities after liposuction? What procedures would be recommended to make my skin look normal agian? Thanks

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Lumps after liposuction?

The bad news is that lumpy skin can sometimes be left behind after liposucion.  This could happen for a few reasons.  If you had poor skin quality and really needed skin removal (a tummy tuck, for instance), then doing liposucution alone would very likely leave you with lumpy results.  Or if your surgeon just removed more fat from some areas than others, you could have lumpy results.

The good news is that the lumpy results can usually be fixed.  If you needed a tummy tuck or an arm lift (for instance) before you had liposuction, then those skin removal procedures might fix the problem now.  If you just had too much fat removed from some areas and skin quality isn't an issue, then fat transfer can be done to fill those areas of over-resection.  Be sure your surgeon is certiifed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and does a lot of these procedures.

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Treatment of irregularities after liposuction

If there are indentations then fat injections.may help. If there are elevations then external massage, radiofrequency or ultasound may help in the early period but if they persist several months after then small ateas can undergo liposuction if residual fat persists.

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Fat Transfer is helpful.

Skin irregularities after liposuction can occur.  If they are present 6 months or so after the initial liposuction then usually fat injections to improve the contour are helpful. 

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Irregularities after liposuction can be corrected.


Of course you need a good exam, but in general, fat injections are quite effective to correct dents.

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Lipo lumps and bumps: Correcting liposuction irregularities.

It depends on whether the irregularities are due to early post-operative healing or to long-term contour changes. In ther former, massage and time are likely to result in resolution of the irregularities. The latter may require more liposuction and/or fat grafting and/or dermolipectomy procedures to achieve an optimal correction.

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Lumps after lipo

This is a difficult problem.  Lumps following lipo may occur if suction was performed too superficially.  Irregularities may also occur if skin has lost elasticity.  Depending on the issue, careful revision liposuction may be an option to re-contour the region with a cannula of very small caliber.  The larger the caliber of cannula, the greater the amount of fat excised in each pass.  Thus, careful systematic removal of surrounding fat may yield a better contour.  Some recommend fat transfer to fill depressed areas, but I have found this to provide suboptimal results. 

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Skin indentations

Usually massage helps for skin irregularities during the early post-op period.  if you have indentations, then fat injections may help.

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Options for post liposuction irregularities.

It depends on what type of irregularities you have as to what needs to be done. It the irregularities ore bumps they can be carefully suction and the fat can be used to fill in any depressions that are there.

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Correcting Skin Depressions after Liposuction

Regarding: "Best Options for Skin Irregularities After Liposuction?
After liposuction there was some skin irregularities. What is the best options for skin irregularities after liposuction? What procedures would be recommended to make my skin look normal agian? Thanks"

With Liposuction, as with other things in life, it is as important what you leave behind as what is taken out. When liposuction is done close to the skin and scarring is unpredictable depressions and waviness may occur. This can be seen in techniques such as laser liposuction where a lot of irritation is done just under the surface in an attempt to shrink the skin.

The best way to attempt to correct such results is with revision liposuction in which the scarring is released and small amounts of fat are grafted in the depressed areas. depending on the extent of the deformity, correction may require more than one procedure.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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