Which one is more effective on acne scars and pores: Alma ipixel erbium laser or sciton ProFractional Skin Resurfacing? (Photo)

I'm middle eastern background I want the fastest and minimal treatments sessions. I don't mind the downtime. Which one is more effective on scars and pores for the fast better result Alma ipixel erbium laser OR sciton ProFractional Skin Resurfacing

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Erbium vs microneedling RF

Both systems are good, I have used erbium for the past 7 years- Sciton, but with the event of energy based Microneedling such as INFINI RF, I use this with PRP, this, in my opinion for your skin type is safer and more effective than erbium lasers. Since having INFINI RF for over a year, I have really reduced the number of times I perform the ProFractional erbium. Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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Alma Pixel and Sciton Pro Fractional are both fractional erbium lasers

Thank you for your question Face grafting issue. The Alma Pixel and Sciton Pro Fractional are both fractional resurfacing lasers that can be used to treat acne scars. They both work well. I would look for a doctor who has experience with either of these. The results are more dependent on the doctor than the laser that is used, despite a lot of marketing that is seen. I provide a golf analogy. If I use Tiger Woods's golf clubs, I will not play as well as him. But if he uses my golf clubs he will still be a world class player. In our office we have the Sciton device so that is what I recommend. If we had the Alma device I would recommend that one. Please consult with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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