Pain after capsulorrhaphy?

I had a capsulorrhaphy (he said he was stitching to the outside of my ribs) performed on my right breast after it bottomed out, and a scar revision. How long will I feel the pain internally? It feels like something pulling inside. My surgeon said I would only need a few days off work but I took a week. And will my right breast "drop" like the first time to be equal with my left?

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Pain after capsulorrhaphy?

Thank you for your question. Remember, it is best to be seen in person by a double-board-certified plastic surgeon for precise diagnosis and treatment.

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Capsulorrhaphy has the potential to create bad pain

as the sutures could entrap a nerve and the pain is significant and persistent.  Time will allow the nerve to recovery from the injury so symptoms have to be treated symptomatically until then.  If cold or heat help, you should do anything to help you through this period.

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Pain after capsulorrhaphy

Pain is expected after a capsulorraphy because of the suturing of the breast capsule to the underlying ribs and it will vary from patient to patient. It is best to see your surgeon for a follow up visit so that they may evaluate how things look and be sure you are on track with your recovery.

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Pain after capsulorrhaphy?

Keep in mind that no one will replace your plastic surgeon when it comes to accurate assessment, advice, and/or meaninugfl information or reassurance.  Having said that, most patients who undergo capsulorraphy surgery will experience some degree of discomfort for one to two weeks after the procedure was performed.  It is hard for online consultants to know exactly how much your breast implants will "drop"; as you can imagine, much will depend on exactly what was done during your procedure.

 Again, your plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to more precise information/guidance. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with long-term.

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Pain after capsulorraphy

Capsulorraphy is an operation that repairs the large pocket by suturing the pocket down to the chest wall to make it smaller.  This is often associated with pain, even pain with respiration, due to the suturing to rib or intercostal muscle fascia.  Numbness is also possible.  Usually this pain will improve over several days or weeks.  If you are experiencing something different, or if your pain is associated with shortness of breath, you should contact your doctor to discuss.

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