Where can I go to get drains and navel stitches removed other than PS that performed the surgery? I stayed in town 8 days.

I had an tummy tuck done in Florida, I stayed in the state for 8 days, however my drains were not ready to come out, because they were still draining more than 25 cc. Is there somewhere I can go to have the drains and stitches removed (emergency or urgent care)?

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Thank you for your question.Yours is a difficult situation. My best advice to you is to speak with the surgeon who operated on you and ask them if they can arrange drain/suture removal with a local plastic surgeon in your area. Calling around yourself, you are likely to not find someone who would be willing help you out, since they did not do the surgery themselves.  Expect to have to pay for their services. This is why it is not recommended to have surgery out of town or in a foreign country. There is poor follow up and if there is a complication, you may have trouble finding a surgeon to help and may end up in an Emergency Room. I wish you well,

Problems with medical tourism

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Having surgery abroad is a set-up for problems of this nature.   You need to see a plastic surgeon, but did not trust the surgeons that work diligently in your area to provide care to their patients.  The surgeon that you did choose has no ability and probably no interest in taking care of their postoperative patients because they know you are not going to fly back to where they are to seek out care.  So now what?  Bring the problems of another surgeon to the local doctor who you did not allow to treat you and expect that they will take care of the postoperative complications? Or go back where you had your surgery and require that the surgeon that did the surgery take responsibility for their work?

Drains removed

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I would go to a local Plastic Surgeon. They could remove the stitches and check on your drain. It is important to follow up because of the healing process.

Drains and follow-up

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You should probably go to a local plastic surgeon to be checked out. This is the problem with having surgery somewhere remote.

Stitches and drains removed after tummy tuck

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Thank you for your question.   For all of our out-of-town patients we make arrangements with other board-certified plastic surgeon's to help us with this issue. I suggest you contact your plastic surgeon and ask for help regarding this issue. Best wishes!


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Thank you for your question.
I would contact your surgeon and see if they have a colleague close to you who can assume your care.  You can also call around to plastic surgeons in your area and see if they would be willing to assume your care (there will likely be a fee for this).

Daniel Krochmal, MD
Chicago General Surgeon

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