Offset Nipples As a Result of a Lift and Implant - Is This Normal?

about 2 months ago I had a tummy tuck, lipo, lift and an implant. I was not happy with the way my breast looked the nipples were off and I didn't like the size. About 2 weeks ago I had my second surgery to fix the nipple issue and get 50 cc bigger. Im going on my 3rd week and I still see the nipples off. Is this normal ?

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Nipple Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation/Lifting?

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Understanding that some nipple/areola and/or breast asymmetry is to be expected after surgery, I would suggest that you allow for approximately 6 months to pass before evaluating the end results of your procedure.

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Breast lift and nipple asymmetry

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Without photos it is hard to say. Nipple areola asymmetry is normal to begin with, and they are usually not the same exact size or shape even.

Nipple asymmetry after Breast implant revision

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AT this point it is quite early in the healing process and probably too soon to predict at final result. I would continue to keep an eye on the nipple posiition and defer any surgery fro at least 6-9 monts

Nipple Asymmetry

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It is difficult to say if this is normal or not without your pictures before and after the surgery.  Most women have some small differences in their breasts and/or nipples prior to surgery.  These small differences may become more noticeable after implants are placed.

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