I am 52 years old my breast size is 44 Triple D. My diaphragm will not open and close all the way and I am on oxygen now (Photo)

My lungs are absolutely fine but because of the weight of my breast it makes it hard to breathe and I wasn't getting enough oxygen I do weigh 234lb i do watch what I eat exercise is harder but I do my best and then dr. Says don't overdo it so my question is if I have a breast reduction will it help with my weak diaphragm and hard to breathe so maybe I can get off oxygen and do more exercise Plus you think that having large breasts is a problem for your diaphragm not working properly being weak

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Diaphragm issue

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Thanks for your question. Sounds like you need an evaluation of your heart and lung by your internist. Having breast reduction surgery can definitely reduce the weight off your chest wall. I don't know how this would relate to your diaphragm issue and your need for oxygen. Good luck. 

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I am 52 years old my breast size is 44 Triple D. My diaphragm will not open and close all the way and I am on oxygen now

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I don't think that a DDD size (and you don't look that large in your photo) would contribute to your respiratory difficulty.  Surgery to reduce and lift your breasts would also be too risky if you are on O2 at rest.  Diaphragm problems are more related to internal visceral fat accumulation and other pulmonary/cardiac problems would also need to be ruled out.  Were you a heavy smoker?   Good luck to you and best wishes for a resolution.....

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Breast reduction surgery

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It sounds like you're having some fairly problems, I seriously doubt breast enlargement is contributing to those in any  significant way. If your cardio pulmonary function has deteriorated to the point that oxygen as needed, it does not sound like you would be a good candidate for elective surgery. There are a number of reasons for your symptoms that could have to do with heart or lung issues and you need to have those diagnosed and treated before considering breast reduction. I am sure you would feel better with a breast reduction, and hope you get to the point where you can have the procedure done. Wishing you the best.

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Breast reduction to improve pulmonary status?

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I am sorry to hear about the problems you are experiencing but cannot reliably confirm or predict whether breast reduction surgery will help with the "diaphragm" concerns.   The fact that you are oxygen dependent is concerning and warrants more investigation (and good diagnosis as well as treatment plan). I would seek additional opinions from physicians such as an internists, pulmonologists, and weight loss specialists BEFORE seeking consultation with plastic surgeons.

 Best wishes.

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