What is the best filler for a thin face with sunken cheeks, hollows under my cheeks and the beginning of jowls?

I have high cheek bones so I do not want to put filler above my cheek bones. What filler would be best and where should it be placed?

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Sculptra might be best for this situation

Voluma and Restylane Lyft are excellent options for those with high cheekbones, but with sunken lower cheeks and jowls. This liquid dermal collagen stimulating product doesn't bulk up high cheekbones and give that appearance like the eyes are disappearing. I love it for people with a gaunt appearance. Of course, your personal board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon can best examine you and outline all your options.

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Best filler for central face

For the central face, Voluma is a great option because the particle size is larger so it is able to plump this area quite well. If you could provide some photos, we may be able to be more specific.

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