Coral hydroxyapatite for cheekbone augmentation?

Hello I would like to know whether coral hydroxyapatite can provide the same "push"/projection as silicone cheek implants. Please note, I am not interested in Radiesse or hydroxyapatite from bovine sources. I am also not a fan of fillers especially sculptra . Is the level of swelling the same between silicone implants and coral hydroxyapatite in the cheeks?

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Cheek Augmentation

Coral hydroxyapatite if properly placed can produce the same projection as an implant. Implant placement usually requires an operation with more exposure and hence, more swelling than coral hydroxyapatite placement.

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Cheek augmentation with Silastic implants

 In our practice we have been using Silastic cheek implants for over 25 years and have an excellent success rate.  They are easy to place in through an intraoral approach, and they're also easy to remove if ever needed. It's important to be able to easily remove them if ever needed, rather than tissue integration occurring which causes more trauma for removal

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Coral hydroxyapatite for cheekbone augmentation?

This material has been used to augment cheeks, the trouble is that as far as I know it is done open, a space is made and the HA is packed into the space. It's duration is good but you wont get the same projection that an implant can provide.

YOu also need an incision and exposure.   

Val Lambros, MD, FACS
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