Will I Get Stretch Marks on my Butt After a BBL?

BBL procedure requires putting fat in the butt. Isn't all the fat as well as the swelling going to stretch out the skin and cause stretch marks?

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Will I get stretch marks after the BBL?

It is very rare to get stretch marks following the BBL, although the quality of your skin may influence its appearnce. You should seel a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience with the BBL to get the best assesment of your buttocks regarding the procedure. Good luck!

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Normally stretch marcks formes in young people before 21 y.o./grlmte. las estrias se forman en gente joven menor de 21 años

stretch marks generally are formed by peoples before 21 y-o. so if you are older than this the probability is lower with respect to form this problem, but you might prevent it injecting subdermally autoplastma in order than collagene production get thick skin over these butts

las estrias  generalmente se  desarrollan en gente joven menor de 21 años, pero se pueden prevenir inyectando  plasma autologo en la dermis de los gluteos para  hacer mas gruesa la piel y las defensas de estas regiones

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Stretch marks

That's a great question Mandy, when your skin is still a little tight or isn't saggy its a little hard to do the fat transfer, mostly because we go as far as the skin will stretch, Is you have a history with stretch marks there's a lot of creams to prevent them from appearing on your new sculpted buttocks like cocoa butter cream, and strong moisturizers. to hydrate your skin and prevent stretch marks.

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Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) - stretch marks

In my experience, I have not seen stretch marks after a Brazilian Buttlift.  Since there is some stem cells in the transferred fat, I would surmise that the risk of stretch marks would be less than with pregnancy or weight gain. 

Stefan Mark Szczerba, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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