Is Adifyline effective in increasing fatty tissue volume where applied in a serum?

I am an androgynous male using a breast serum called Sublime Bust. It is made primarily of Pueraria Mirifica (white), a powerful phytoestrogen, and Adifyline, a hexapeptide that supposedly increases fatty tissue volume locally, where applied. I am wondering if you have any information on the effectiveness of Adifyline. Thank you.

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Health Choices are safest when based on science

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The safest health choices are usually based on proven clinical research and science.  My brief search on the product "Sublime Bust" did not yield any reputable science with regard to its ability to stimulate fat and volume enhancement of the breast.  

Topical creams and serums are often marketed on the internet as nonsurgical alternatives to breast augmentation.  Generally, creams/serums are ineffective.  Products applied to the surface of the skin do not penetrate the into the breast and cannot have any effect on breast volume.

Be suspicious of any method of nonsurgical breast augmentation.  Consider seeing a reputable plastic surgeon to find out more about safe proven methods of breast enhancement.

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