Is It Normal for Swelling to Heal Faster on One Side of the Face After Neck Liposuction?

I had chin and neck lipo 11 days ago for my noticeable double chin and jowls I am worried because 11 days post op my left side looks wonderful with the double chin and jowls gone! But the right side looks exactly the same as before the procedure. I was told my chin and jowls will look the same after the procedure and it takes 3 months to notice a change so why is the left side of my face look good already? I am worried that my ps didn't take the fat out of the right side. Please let me know

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Chin Liopsuction

The way you sleep, the tension of the dressing, and others factors may be a factor.  Have your face evaluated by your surgeon who knows how much work he/she did on both sides of your face.

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Asymmetric swelling

11 days after surgery, it's not unusual to have asymmetric swelling.  However, if you notice a significant difference, I'd see you plastic surgeon to make sure there's not something usual going on with your healing.  I'm sure he/she'd be happy to see you and answer all your questions.

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Asymetric swelling , difference in the two sides of the face after Liposuction can indicate a problem, see your Dr.

Asymetrical facial swelling after Neck or Face Liposuction can be caused by something as simple as the positioning of your face during the procedure. in these cases the asymetry is just more swelling on one side and it will resolve with time and massage.

However, you may have had bleeding (Hematoma) or fluid collection (Seroma) on one side and your doctor needs to address this, usually by removing the fluid by needle aspiration.

If as you suggest, the doctor took less fat out of one side (unlikly) then eventually a secondary revision Liposuction may need to be done.

See your doctor sooner rather than later. Hematomas left untreated can cause permanent lumps

Asymmetric swelling after neck liposuction

You are right to be concerned.  If it really looks like your right side is no different than before your neck liposuction, but your other side looks great, then you may have had a small hematoma (or collection of blood) on the right side.  The other possibility is that you just have assymetric swelling.  You should consult again with your surgeon, expressing your fears, and allow him to ease your worries by explaining what is happening. 

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