Is It Normal to See and Feel my Textured Saline Implant? Will It Eventually Poke Through my Skin? (photo)

I had a Breast Aug. on 5/31/12, 300cc textured saline. I am 24 years old, 5' 0" tall and 103lbs. I had very little breast tissue to start with (34A) and now I am a 34B. I can see the edge of my implant poking through my skin. It feels hard and very similar to the knuckle of my finger. When I awake in the morning, after being in the reclining position for 6-8 hours, the area is hardly visible anymore and seems to have gone away. As the day progresses, it becomes more prominent and sore to touch.

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Breast Enhancement Surgery

It seems like you have a knuckle or a fold in the implant sticking out, this can happen even if the implant is overfilled

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Breast Implant Pushing Inside-out On The Skin


It looks like you are looking at a revision surgery to fix the problem you have; you may need to consider a small implant and in your case with the size of your breasts may end up changing both implants to keep on a symmetry.

Unfortunately, draining the left implant will not solve the issue but replacing it could be the best approach.

The reason why your implant takes some time to protrude as the day progresses is because you stand up and start moving hence gravity will take its natural course over the implant pulling it downward.

I recommend that you consult with your surgeon to discuss your option since he/she knows the full details of your surgery.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your inquiry.

The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Implant palpable and visible lower pole

Your implant is both palpable and visible in the lower pole and may warrant revision. It is best to see your surgeon.

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Consult with your plastic surgeon


Thank you for your question.

I would recommend consulting with your plastic surgeon on this. It
sounds like you may need revisional surgery because your implant may eventually poke through due to erosion.

Good luck!

Dr. Sam Speron

Sam Speron, MD
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Will My Implant Eventually Poke Through my Skin?

The fact that you are having to ask this question raises an alarm. Thanks for the question and the photos. They illustrate what looks like thinning of the skin at this area that seems to be the "permanent" site of the area of implant wall that you are feeling. 

This is an exception to the general rule of waiting for six months for the implant to settle. This is not something that is likely to correct in time without an intervention. The problem you face is that if this erodes, the implant and pocket will be contaminated, and any attempt to replace the implant without a delay of at least 3 months will result in an unacceptably high incidence of implant infection, then requiring removal of the implant, possibly an open wound, and then a delay for at least 3 month starting when the wound has completely healed.

Discuss with your surgeon about revising this before erosion occurs. I would recommend doing all that is possible to minimize the chances of recurring ripple or folds, and these include:

  • Smooth walled implant
  • Silicone instead of saline
  • Consideration of acellular dermal matrix if there is not enough or your own breast tissue to cover the implant

Thank you for your query, and best wishes. Follow up on this site if you are so inclined.


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Breast implant that the patient can feel - textured saline implant

Unfortnately you have palpability of your implant.  The location that you can feel your implant is also unfortunate.  Gravity is affecting your implant during the day and you start feeling the implant later in the day as you spend more time in a vertical position.  Your tissues seem thin so I think it's best if you ask your surgeon a few things:  are my implants under the muscle?  How were my implants sized in correlation to the size of my breast?  .  In my practice, you would likely get you implants under the muscle and I would encourage you to be conservative in implant size as you are 5'0." Over time, you tissues will continue to thin if they are not covering your implant now.  I have never seen an implant "poke through" the skin however I am concerned that your surgery was very recent and you already see and feel your implant. 

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Feeling your breast implants after augmentation

The area of concern will most likely settle out and not be as hard after the next few months when the swelling has resolved.  If things worsen, definitely see your plastic surgeon soon.

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Visible saline implant

The result you have is suboptimal and may be a result of the choice of implant used plus thin coverage and minimal breast tissue.  You will not see a self correction of this and would be best served probably by a revision and a switch to a smooth walled gel implant.  This should make a nice difference.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Is It Normal to See and Feel my Textured Saline Implant? Will It Eventually Poke Through my Skin?

Thanks for the posted photos! I'm very concerned that the textured implant will eventually breakthrough the skin at the visible knuckle. Where your implants placed above the muscle? If yes than re operation is warranted and sub muscular placement is the preferred method. Also why textured implants??

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Palpable implant fold secondary to capsular contracture--this needs urgent evaluation!

Most surgeons feel that use of textured implants below the muscle is not appropriate, and it appears as if your implants are below the breast and above your pectoralis major muscles. The textured surface  induces a Velcro-like adherence to the breast tissue (I will assume you have Allergan textured implants (or the new Silimed textured implants), as the Mentor Siltex does not cause tissue adherence).

At any rate, your implant shell has a visible and palpable fold, likely from early capsular contracture, or possibly because the pocket for the implant was slightly smaller than the implant itself. This fold will eventually (weeks, perhaps several months) erode throught he surface of the skin, exposing your implant and requiring removal, as well as causing a permanent scar where it became exposed. Even if you were to somehow avoid erosion through the surface, the fold would eventually develop a weak spot in the implant shell, causing a leak and deflation of your implant.

None of this is good.

As others have suggested, you need to see your surgeon and have this surgically revised. The sooner this is done, the more successful and least ongoing difficulties you will have. Please call your surgeon or get another opinion from an ASPS-certified plastic surgeon in your area, sooner rather than later. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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