Is It Normal to Have a Rash After Smart Lipo?

I had my upper and lower abs done yesterday and there is minimal swelling and bruising as expected, but I also have a very itchy rash covering most of the area treated. Is this normal?

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Rash after SmartLipo is not normal.

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If your rash is limited only to the areas treated, you may actually be noting thermal damage from aggressive treatment of the underside of the dermis by the laser energy. This is often done to "tighten" the skin, but over-zealous application of the laser energy can cause scarring, ridges, or thermal burns. If this is anything else, such as a contact dermatitis from the surgical scrub or the compression garment or pads, this will be self-limiting.

If the rash was not confined to the areas treated, I would consider a drug reaction or allergic response. This does not occur in just one area, especially if it is confined to the area operated upon.

You should see your surgeon and have your abdomen examined to make sure all is well. Keep your compression garment in place as your doctor advises or you could end up with lumps and irregularities as you remove the pressure to examine this rash. Best wishes!

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A rash is not normal and may be related to your garment or other clothing.  The prep solution, if betadine/iodine may also be the culprit.

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