How Soon After Smartlipo Can I Start the HCG Diet

Hi, I had smartlipo done on my chest 5 days ago, and I'm thinking about starting the HCG diet. Is it too soon to start? I'm a 28 years old male, thick built, 235lbs. Thanks,

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5 days after SmartLipo is too soon for ANY diet. You need to heal first!

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Regardless of liposuction method or instrumentation, your body has undergone a massive tissue injury (even though the incisions are tiny, the operative area is large) that needs proper anabolic nutrition to heal properly. You should not be catabolic until a minimum of 6 weeks after surgery, and 3 months would be better, since your healing is not complete for 6-12 months.

You would be wise to eat a sensible, balanced diet and wait at least 3 weeks for activity that raises your blood pressure. If you do too much too soon, you could cause more scar tissue to form, causing lumps, bumps, and irregularities that you might be tempted to blame on your surgeon. Resist the urge!

Your body is using lots of calories healing, even if you were an avid exerciser prior to surgery. Watch your portions and eat well so you heal.

So, regardless of diet (HCG or otherwise), just say NO for the time being. Best wishes!

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First you need to heal, and then consider diet alterations with supplementation.  Have your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon advise on a time frame to consider.

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