Is It Normal to Have a Pin Size Hole in a Dental Bridge?

my new dental bridge has a small hole so I have to pass the floss right through it to clean the gums and teeth hidden by the bridge!! I always get blood on the floss soft part... This new bridge replace an old bridge which was lasted 20 years ago and i never cleaned or flossed through it... the dentist had never mentioned holes ..!! Is it a mistake by my current young dentist to have such an aperture in the bridge??

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Bleeding When Flossing New Bridge

Cleaning a bridge is best with a floss threader like you are using or as an alternative a water pick works very well.  The fact that your dentist left space for you to floss should not be a problem.  But if the tissue is bleeding when you use the floss that should be checked out and eliminated as that is not normal.

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Pin Size Hole in a Dental Bridge

It is impossible to understand where or why the hole is in your bridge. Perhaps a few close-up photos would help clarify your situation.

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Pin sized hole in bridge?

No you should not have a hole... I bet what your seeing is the metal substructure that has been exposed to adjust your bite and its not a hole but exposed metal good luck



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