Bridge Doesn't Fit Anymore After Extraction?

I have had a bridge for 2 1/2 years to replace 3 front teeth. I had a wisdom tooth removed on the upper left and now it seems that my bridge does not fit or feel the same anymore. I went back to the dentist who fit the bridge and she has made 2 adjustments by adjusting the bit on the teeth on the bridge. She shaved down the crowns on the inside of the bridge. This has not seemed to help the problem. Is there anything else that can be done?

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Your wisdom teeth may have been preventing your other molars from fully coming together when the bridge was made, therefore after they were removed and you are able to bite down more you may be having additional discomfort since you are not used to this new bite. If the problem does not get better you may need to have the bridge remade so it would fit more harmoniously with your occlusion. 

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Bridge doesn't seem to fit after extractions?

It doesn't make sense that the bridge would not fit if a wisdom tooth was removed. This is not something that is common. I suggest radiographs of the bridge to see if anything can be seen, if normal allow the extraction site to heal completely 4-6 weeks and then return to your dentist to evaluate the bridge good luck


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Bridge Doesn't Fit After Extracting Wisdom Tooth

The extraction should not have affected the fit of the bridge. It might have affected the way your upper & lower teeth bite into eachother if that wisdom tooth was previously interfering with your proper bite. You should have your occlusion (bite) analyzed. Was the bridge a permanent type or a removable type?

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Hard to say

Bridges are permanently cemented to teeth, so fit should not be an issue if a tooth is removed.  Perhaps you mean a different treatment?

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Custom Fit May Have Changed

Removing a tooth in the arch may change the contact interface with the Removable Denture Teeth, what you are calling a bridge. If the clasp of the bridge was on the wisdom tooth, that would certainly change the dynamics of the fit. 


One way to salvage the bridge is to have it relined to the new situation. That means that new pink plastic is added to the appliance to fit more accurately.

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