Is It Normal to Have Pain After JP Drain Removal S/p Tummy Tuck?

I had my drain removed 15 days after my tummy tuck. Since that time I have been experiencing intermittent "pulling" pain at the drain site. Is this normal?

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Tummy Tuck pain following drain removal

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It is not unusual to experience moderate "pulling" type pain following drain removal after a tummy tuck.  As the swelling subsides this sensation should gradually resolve.  If you note any redness or swelling in the area, be sure to let your surgeon know.  Best wishes.

Pain after Jackson-Pratt drain removal

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Some discomfort is normal after the drain has been pulled but you haven't indicated how much time has elapsed since then. If it is short-term, then it would not give rise to concern but if it continues you should see your plastic surgeon in followup.


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It is very normal to have discomfort after drains are removed. I would keep your p/o appointment to reassure yourself that everything is healing correctly.


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