Is It Normal for the Nostrils to Be Uneven a Few Days After a Septo Rhinoplasty?

I just had a septo rhinoplasty 4 days ago and am really worried because the left side tip looks really high. Is this normal? I noticed the change after the packing was removed. Will the nostrils look even again?

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Uneven nostrils immediately after septorhinoplasty can be normal.

Uneven nostrils immediately after septorhinoplasty CAN be totally normal.  A number of factors influence the shape of your nostrils following septorhinoplasty.  You mentioned packing.  If you had different sized packs on each side, or if the packs were placed in slightly different positions your nostrils can appear uneven.  Additionally, if tapes (steristrips) where used after your septorhinoplasty, you can have uneven appearing nostrils.  After the packing and/or tapes are removed and the swelling comes out of your nose your nostrils will begin to become more even.  Healing after septorhinoplasty can take over 12-months, and as the swelling comes out things will appear uneven, swollen, etc. depending on whether you were sleeping, standing, etc.

That being said, if you had asymmetry to your nostrils before the surgery, your nostrils were addressed as part of your surgery, or you had extensive tip-work done, you can have some unevenness to your nostrils long-term.  It is very difficult to predict this in the immediate post-operative period and you should wait at least 6 months (and likely up to 12 months) before making any judgments.

In the meantime, apply ointment to your incisions (antibiotic ointment or Vaseline), irrigate your nose with a sinus rinse/or nasal saline moisturizer spray, and arrange a follow-up appointment with your surgeon.  Make sure to ask your surgeon about your nostrils so that they can specifically address your concern and ensure you are well cared for.

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Is It Normal for the Nostrils to Be Uneven a Few Days After a Septo Rhinoplasty?

Although this may resolve with completion of healing process, we do have asymmetric face and nostrils which may have gone unnoticed before surgery. Only time and before pictures will tell.

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Nostril asymmetry early after septorhinoplasty

It's not unusual to have asymmetric edema (swelling) and some nostril asymmetry early after surgery.  Without having performed your surgery I can't reassure you that it will improve, but certainly rest assured that this is not your final result.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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