Is It Normal to Feel Tightness or Discomfort in Your Throat After Having a Tummy Tuck.

I just had a tummy tuck, lipo and hernia removal. I would like to know if the tightness and discomfort of the throat is normal. I recently went to the emergency room because of this and they did ekg test, blood work and xrays. Dr told me everything came back fine. But this tightness of the throat comes and goes. What should i do? Is this normal after a tummy tuck?

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You need to share your concerns with your surgeon

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There can be multiple causes for throat Tightness. The most common is the irritation from the breathing tube during general anesthesia. The other can be reflux due to the hernia repair and abdominal muscle Tightening. The concern when you went to ER was pulmonary embolism which is a serious condition and looks like it wad ruled out.

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Throat Discomfort After Tummy Tuck

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The discomfort that you feel in your throat is not related directly to your tummy tuck, liposuction, or hernia repair.  Rather it is most likely due to the endotracheal tube which was placed during your surgery to maintain your airway during surgery.  This is likely to resolve with time.  If it doesn't, ask your surgeon for his/her opinion.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Sore throat after abdominoplasty

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It is most commonly related to the breathing tube used during a general anesthetic and should only last a few days. Analgesic throat sprays can help. If it persists more than 48 hours, let your surgeon know.

Richard Dale Reynolds, MD
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Sore throats after tummy tuck

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A sore throat after general anesthesia is often related to a breathing tube placed by the anesthesiologist at the time of the procedure. With care, the irritation can be minimal, though if roughly done, a sore throat can linger. Your primary doctor could take a quick look, and perhaps a throat swab if infection is suspected.

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Tightness in the throat after tummy tuck

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You do not mention how long after surgery you are, but there is commonly some soreness in the throat after surgery when a breathing tube is used.  If you are longer than a week after surgery, you might talk to you surgeon about having this checked out.  Sometimes, depending upon your anatomy, the process of placing the breathing tube can cause a little more trauma, and it can take longer for the soreness to resolve.

Tightness in throat after surgery

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If you had general anesthesia for your procedure it is not uncommon to feel a sore throat and swelling afterward as a result of the breathing tube that was placed during surgery.   This may last for several days however if it continues after the first week, I would discuss this with your surgeon and have them look into it further.

Adam Hamawy, MD
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