Is It Normal to Feel Pressure Around Eyes After Filler Injection?

I had filler injected to my undereye area due to undereye hollow 2 days ago. Is it normal to feel pressure around the eyes along with mild headache? I also can feel the filler, especially the left eye, when I move or roll my eyes. I feel that the doctor injected a little more filler than he should, as I can see the filler slightly bulging, but not noticeable. Maybe too close to the eyeballs?? Any advice would help.

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Filler around the eyes

WIthout being your injector I can not assume where exactly it was injected and why you are feeling the way you do. Patients do get some swelling. Best to see your injector.

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Eye symptoms after a filler

Please call your doctor -  I hope that you were injected by a physician- either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon- because they should promptly examine you and manage your care.

It is normal to experience a little swelling post infraorbital injections, however this is a delicate area and this area should not be over-injected to avoid swelling or edema- that can last several months to years if too much product is used 


Christina Steil, MD
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Filler to eye

What filler was injected? How much? With facial movement, sometimes you can feel product or difference in movement due to an enhancement; however, it should not be painful or irritating.

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