Is It Normal to Feel Juvederm Under the Skin?

My only concern is that I can feel the gel underneath my skin when I touch my face. It's a bit of an odd sensation so I worry if the doctor made a mistake with the injection.

Should I be able to feel it? Is the gel hardening? Can it be accidentally moved out of place?

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Juvederm Sensation

Yes it is common to feel a filler or implant under the skin at the beginning.  Over time the material will become less palpable and you will not feel the material only see the great result.

Good luck.

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Should I be able to feel Juvederm?

All fillers are "implants" meaning they take up space under the skin, hence filling a defect or fold.  Most implants are palpable (can be felt) at least for awhile after injection, but most will integrate into the tissue over days or weeks depending on the material.   

Stephen Mandy, MD
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