Normal to Have Excessive Tightness of Breast After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction 5 days ago. I went from a DD to a small c. I know I have some swelling but I am a little concerned. From the nipple to under the breast crease it is so tight, like its hard for me to sit up straight because its pulling me down. Is it the stitches under there? Swelling? or did the dr pull my skin too tight? help! its very uncomfortable and I gotta go back to work in two days.

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Normal Breast Reduction Recovery?

Thank you for the question.

Signs and symptoms that you described at 5 days postop breast reduction should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon. Online consultants cannot make an accurate diagnosis and/or treatment plan.

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Tightness after Breast Reduction

Yes tightness is common after a breast reduction because of the swelling. This will go away with time. 

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Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

There are certainly stitches along your incision from the nipple to the inframammary fold. At 5 days post op you will have swelling and pain from surgery. It is premature to be considering other problems. Speak to your surgeon and see him or her frequently during your early recovery period to have your concerns addressed.

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Breast reduction and pain

If you are having a lot of problems with tightness and pain., you may want to run it by your doctor to make sure everything is ok.

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The tightness is extremely common for the first 3 weeks and worst during the first 4 days due to swelling. Because of this tightness, it is not unusual for surgeons to reinforce these areas with external stitches or staples as this area is more prone to separation in the early post-operative period. As long as one side is not severely different than the other breast and nipple viability remains intact, I would not be overly concerned.

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Breast tightness after Breast Reduction

It is perfectly normal to have breast skin and tissue tightness, and swelling after breast reduction. And yes, there are many stitches throughout. Everything will relax and soften over time. Sometimes it takes several months for the breast to feel soft and natural. Be Patient!. As long as your incisions are healing well, there is nothing to worry about. Limit your activity and protect the surgical site. If you try to rush your recovery, you could set yourself back.

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Breast tightness after breast reduction

It is normal to have tightness after a breast reduction surgery
5 days after the surgery, the swelling should be getting better and the tightness should be easing up.  As long as the nipple/areola look healthy and your wounds don't seem to be stretched apart, you should be able to heal well and have no long term consequences.  
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