How Soon Can I Apply Make Up After a Vi Peel?

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Wait to apply make up after Vi Peel

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I recommend that you wait until you wash the peel off, at least four hours after application, before applying make up. In my experience, patients who apply make up immediately are more likely to develop irritation and hyperpigmentation--perhaps from the rubbing required for removal.

New York Dermatologist

Makeup is ok after the Vi Peel

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Non irritating makeup like a pure mineral powder is OK to apply after your Vi Peel. I would suggest that you wait at least four hours after your peel to apply anything to your skin to allow the Vi Peel solution to fully penetrate. You might find it hard to keep makeup on once the skin starts to peel and might try a tinted moisturizer in place of makeup. Keep in mind that over the days following your peel you do not want to use any products that cause the skin to feel irritated or create a burning sensation when applied.

Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD
Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon
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