What's Normal After Butt Injections?

what should I be feeling after getting butt injections? I did it 1 week ago. I have been feeling fine but today I have a fever and feel a bit disoriented at times .... my legs feel weak... and Im a bit nervous about it.

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Buttock injections

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Unfortunately, you fell in the trap of charlatans who practice on the fringes of medicine.

These injections are illegal and they inject silicone (Not medical grade), that they buy from hardware store, or Hyrogell bought on the internet to mix with soil for planting. These "PUMPING PARTIES" are illegal



Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Butt injection complications are serious.

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The only safe injectable material for the buttocks is your own fat.  Unfortunately, the injector is most likely not a doctor or surgeon.  Butt injections are illegal.  If you continue to feel terrible, you should go to the emergency room and let them know you have had a non medical grade material injected into your body.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Butt injections

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If the injections were a foreign body such as silicone liquid you may be having foreign body reaction or worse and infection. Silicone gel butt implants are another alternative however are subject to many complications.

The only legitimate material that I believe should be injected into the butt is your own fatty tissue that has been extracted from yourself. Any other material is potentially dangerous and will produce a foreign body reactions, granulomas or infection.

Joel B. Singer, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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