Buttocks Augmentation with PMMA Injections in Mexico Safe?

I am considering getting PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) injections in the buttocks from this doctor, the material used is suposed to be medical grade PMMA from Brazil, which is considered safe. The doctor seems to have a very good reputation. I have done some investigation and have heard only good things from this doctor. Can anyone verify this? Would this doctor be trustworthy? Is this PMMA safe?

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PMMA injections are not safe.

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There is not any PMMA injections that are safe.  They are not FDA approved anyplace in the US.  If you have the injections and have complications (which you probably will) you will have a hard time finding help.  PMMA injections are very dangerous.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Butt injections safety and success

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There is a LOT of information on the internet which is simply not true and misleading about buttock augmentation. If you look you can find glowing reviews of almost every technique as well as people cursing the day they had the procedure done. When it comes to PMMA injections you will see a trend in the information. The people who are claiming how good PMMA injections are and how safe it is to do are not actually medically trained let alone doctors. Whereas the negative information is generally from two sources, doctors and people who have had the treatments and have problems. There are some posts from patients that have had the injections and are happy though frequently these posts are found to be actually advertising for centers or doctors performing these procedures.

In the USA PMMA is not FDA approved for injection into the buttocks. In fact, I am not aware of liquid PMMA being FDA approved for ANY purpose. If treatments were so safe and results were so good, don't you think a company would have submitted their product to the FDA for approval by now. The technique has been around for many years. The plain truth is that the treatment has a very high rate of complications. These complications can be quite deforming of the body and, in some cases, life threatening. You mention "medical grade" PMMA. While this may be some comment on the purity or the cleanliness of the product, without FDA supervision you cannot be sure that the material is sterile and suitable for injection. A large portion of the complications seen are related to infections. No matter how "trustworthy" you might feel a doctor is, the material he/she is using is most certainly NOT.

In Miami I see a lot of patients interested in buttock augmentation. I perform a good amount of butt augmentation as well. The technique that I use is fat transfer. It is safe, reliable, and provides a natural result using your own tissue. In cases where there is not enough fat for transfer (rare, though it does occur) implants can be used. Fat transfer is, in my opinion, far superior for natural look and feel.

I hope this info helps!

Adam Rubinstein, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Buttocks Augmentation with PMMA Injections in Mexico Safe?

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I've answered a similar question about the use of PMMA for buttock enhancement.  I don't think you will find a reputable, board certified plastic surgeon in the United States that will feel that PMMA is safe for this purpose.  There are too many potential risks with the use of this permanent product in the quantities necessary to achieve a noticeable buttock enhancement.  These risks can include contour deformities, chronic pain, hardening/scarring, and infections that do not resolve.  Be safe!  Stay away from PMMA for buttock enhancement, anywhere in the world!

Paul Fortes, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Buttock injections in Mexico?

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Your question actually raises two excellent questions:

1. Is it safe to use substances such as PMMA for buttock augmentation?

2. Is it safe to have plastic surgery outside of the United States?

Answer to question 1: I suggest you avoid PMMA injections for butt augmentation. The Brazilian Butt Lift (liposuction of your lower back, waist, abdomen, etc, and injection of this fat into your buttocks) is a SAFE, effective buttock augmentation technique which I use in my practice. I STRONGLY suggest you avoid any alternative injections (I have seen men and women with liquid silicone injected into their buttocks with HORRIBLE results and complications, wounds, infections, etc).

Answer to question 2: While there are great plastic surgeons all over the world, it will be very difficult for you to determine international surgeons credentials. I STRONGLY suggest you have your surgery by a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON (certified by the AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY).

I hope that helps and wish you all the best!

Buttock Augmentation

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The injection of any thing other than FAT into the buttock for Buttock enhancement is not approved by the FDA and can cause serious complication:

  • paraffin
  • silicon
  • pmma
  • hydrogel

If this dr. in Mexico is any good, he should know that.

Buttock augmentation can be done with:

  • Fat transfer
  • buttock implants
  • Dermis fat graft

Be careful, see a Board Certified PS in the US.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Safety of Buttock Augmentation with PMMA

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PMMA is used to cement orthopedic joints in place. It comes as a powder which when mixed with a liquids forms a paste which rapidly hardens as it gives off a lot of heat.

Personally, I come from the rather simplistic school that believes that if God wanted you to have rock - hard buttock, he would have put the rocks in there. it makes NO sense to me to take the party of the body most valued for its roundness and rubbery softness and fill it with a rock, hard material which cannot be taken out completely.

PMMA is NOT safe for soft tissue augmentation and i would suggest you not have this procedure.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Is buttock augmentation via injection of PMMA safe?

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Hi there-

Injection of liquid chemical compounds into the buttocks for augmentation is not FDA approved in the United States. Many different compounds have been used, with mixed results...

It is not a procedure I would ever allow anyone I know to have done, as these procedures have been associated with severe and frequent complications in the past, including organ failure and death.

Furthermore, once back in the US, how easy do you think it will be to find a plastic surgeon to take care of you when you have a complication from this treatment performed abroad?

Please be careful. There's a reason these procedures are not being done by reputable plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, or anywhere else in the US for that matter.

PMMA buttock injections not FDA approved in the USA

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This is not approved by the FDA for use here. When you have a problem, who will take care of you? Are you prepared to go back to Mexico?

In my own personal opinion, I would NEVER recommend this procedure on a patient. I have only seen problems with foreign bodies placed in the buttocks -- that includes silicone injections and implants, and this is no different.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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