My nipple is pointing outward after Breast Lift and Implants. Will it go back to normal?

I have had a full anchor breast lift with 240cc silicone implant under the muscle, 5 weeks on the 26th feb. My nipple is Pointing outwards do u think it will come more central has they settle? Thanks x

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Post-Operative Nipple Position

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It's difficult to assess nipple position without pictures or a physical examination. In general terms, the nipple position is set at the time of surgery. When nipples are positioned laterally, they usually don't move in an inward direction. Under these circumstances, it's important to discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon. Your surgeon should be able to address your concerns and alleviate your anxiety.

Nipple position after breast lift with implants

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Thank you for your question.  In most cases the nipple position is determined mainly by your preop nipple position.  Checked your preop photos to see if the nipple pointed outward before your lift and implants.  As implants drop the tendency typically is not to make the nipple move inwards but if anything move outwards.  Please see your plastic surgeon and discuss this in detail.

Settle down, not inwards

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If your breasts are going to settle after implants, a lift, or both, the nipple position may move somewhat down and out; they typically do not move inwards.  You should discuss your recovery and concerns with your surgeon.

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Outward pointing nipples after mastopexy

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Nipple position usually doesn't change much once its been 'set' through surgery.  But also, how do you define 'normal' as there is quite a variation in nipple position from person to person.  And when doing a mastopexy, if nipples are wayward, corrections are made to position them better... but if starting with 'normal', they won't be moved from their meridian.  Photos of before and after would help with opinions.  But in general, nipples don't move side to side after surgery is done.  And if really off line, realize revisions can always be pursued.

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