I just found out I am nine weeks pregnant and have had filler. Will this affect my baby?

(had no idea!) was a shock but a wonderful surprise! Two days ago I had filler in my face to smooth out wrinkles and to my crows feet. I had no idea I was pregnant - have I done any harm to my baby and will being pregnant have any effects on the actual filler in my face?

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Facial fillers and pregnancy

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The use of fillers and pregnancy has not been studied.  However, I am certain a focal injection of product in the face will not affect a normal pregnancy.  I would not recommend the use of a dissolver as another product is then introduced into the equation.

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers and pregnancy

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We don't test fillers on pregnant women. However, I have actually injected several patients - and even my own medical assistant - over the years who didn't know they were pregnant, and then found out after we'd done the fillers. All of them had healthy babies. So while there isn't concrete medical evidence to support this because we won't test on pregnant women, in my personal experience it's always turned out just fine.

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Filler During pregnancy

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Fillers have not been tested in pregnant patients, so there is no concrete evidence.  However, it's virtually impossible for normal facial filler injections to have any effect on your baby, especially during the first trimester.   I would not worry about this and follow up with your obstetrician for routine care.  Avoid any further injections until you are done with breastfeeding. Congrats on your baby!

Daniel Yamini, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pregnancy and Juvederm

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I will  not do  Juvederm on a pregnant patient but I feel there is near zero risk.  Juvederm has a hot line you can call for information and advice.   Relax, you will be fine.   It would be ridiculous to use another chemical...hyaluronidase... to end the Juvederm.   Do tell you physician injector.  My Best,  DrC

Although there have been no studies on pregnant women with fillers, what you are experiencing is a common occurrence.

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Thank you for your question. Although there have been no studies on pregnant women with fillers, what you are experiencing is a common occurrence. Many women have undergone the same scenario with zero adverse reactions.

Congratulations and all the best,   

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Filler during pregnancy

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Although it is not recommended to knowingly have fillers injected while pregnant, there is no need to worry. The fillers will not affect your baby and you should relax and enjoy your pregnancy. All the best!

Sheetal Sapra, MD
Ontario Dermatologic Surgeon
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