Is it possible to do a vaginal surgery to make my vagina look normal again?

I don't like how my vagina looks, I feel uncomfortable and embarrassed.I think this is do to masturbating too much what can I do about this I'm 20 years old is it ok to get it removed?

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What is a normal vagina?

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Good Morning SofiaGomez05,

Thank you for sharing your question, photos and concerns. Unfortunately from the photos it is very difficult to get an understanding of what is bothering you. Also "normal" when it comes to the vagina is a very broad term and can mean different things to different people. Seeing how this bothers you I would recommend you seek a consultation with a qualified pelvic/aesthetic surgeon to express your concerns, have an examination and then determine what if anything needs to be done. I do not believe what concerns you is from masturbation.Be well. 

Greenville Physician

Make my vagina look normal

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Thank you for sharing your photos and your concerns. It is difficult to see from the photos exactly what concerns you. Is it that the labia minor are enlarged? These are the small lips at the opening of the vagina. If they are enlarged a qualified gynecologic cosmetic surgeon can assist you. It is unlikely that masturbation caused the issue.

Issues with your normal looking vagina?

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The photos are fuzzy and don't reveal much. Your description of what bothers you is equallly fuzzy. It would help if you could be more specific and provide better photos. However, a consultation would be the best idea of all.

Safe ways to change the appearance of the vagina

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there are several ways you can safely change the appearance of the vagina. Sometimes the inner labia need to be reduced or the outer labia enlarged in order to achieve an "ideal" appearance. Best to find a trusted doctor who can help you with an exam and a consultation. It's not from masturbation but rather just from hormones and development. 

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