Need third asian double eyelid surgery. Looking for a good surgeon to fix eyes.

I am very unhappy with the scars. I wanted more of a higher crease and I am not too happy with how the crease is a little tapered and close to the inner corner of my eye. When I put on eyeshadow, it makes the scar on the right eye look like a deep white line. The scar on my left eye looks like suture tract marks. It is rough and not smooth. The scars from my first surgery were a lot better, but he messed my eyes up the second time & it seems to have scarred. 

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Revision and scars for Asian eyelids

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unfortunately given the number of surgeries that you had you probably should wait even longer before attempting any other revision work.  I wish I could be more helpful to you at the moment but your surgical history is complicated and really necessitates a consultation in person.  The best thing you can do for the moment is to wait.

Be very careful and patient during this process of finding a surgeon for your revision.  I think most experienced Asian eyelid surgeons would encourage you to wait.

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