Can I have tattoos and still get Vanquish?

I have tattoos across my upper and lower abdomen and my hips. I am considering Vanquish ME vs coolsculpting. Is vanquish contraindicated for tattooed clients? I had been leaning toward Vanquish ME because I am about 20 pounds overweight and from what I've read vanquish is better at treating a large area rather than the spot treatment provided by coolsculpting. Also, apparently, Vanquish is less painful.

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Vanquish ME and tattoos...

Tattoos in treatment area are not a contraindication when using Vanquish ME. Vanquish ME is not a means of weight loss. Make sure you to combine your Vanquish ME treatments with healthy eating, regular exercise or a formal weight loss program to help you lose the 20 pounds. Good Luck!

Seattle Otolaryngologist


Tattoos should not interfere with the vanquish treatment.    Metal hardware, body piercings, cardiac pacemakers and staples from previous surgeries are contraindicated.   

Kenneth Sumida, MD
Folsom Plastic Surgeon
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