Can stopping spironolactone for one week after taking it for a year and a half continuously trigger hair loss again?

I am pcos female using yasmin and spironolactone 200 mg or 100 mg per day,can stopping spironolactone only for one week causes hair loss?

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Stopping spironolactone for 1 week

It is unlikely that stopping spironolactone for a week could trigger hair loss that fast. However it is best to always discuss with the prescribing physician before stopping or altering any medication regimen.

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Stopping Spironolactone Causing Hair Loss

I guess you are using spironolactone for treatment of male patterned baldness.  Stopping it for a short time (1 week) is unlikely to affect your hair loss condition, but it is better to review this with the prescribing doctor before doing so.

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Stopping Spironolactone

Thank you for your question. This is a question for your provider giving you the prescription who has evaluated you. They will be in the best position to answer these very good questions. Answers to these questions need an active observation of the area of concern before and after treatment. I hope this helps!

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Stopping spiro for one week

It's quite unlikely that stopping spironolactone for one week would cause hair loss. Be sure to discuss with your physician to exclude other causes

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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