Staying Only 3 Days Post Op After Brazilian Butt Lift?

I know it's not recommended to sit on my rare after bbl surgery but I'm planning on getting work done then quickly returning home to heal and get get from loved ones. How safe is it flying home two days p/o? How will that affect my bbl and my lipo, when should I anticipate going back to work? What should I get to prepare for my 2.5 hr return?

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Flying Three Days after Brazilian Buttlift

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        I would not recommend flying 3 days after surgery.  However, there is little evidence based medicine to support the appropriate time period before flying.

Staying only 3 days after Brazilian Butt Lift

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Please reconsider your travel plans! You are spending a good deal of time, effort and money for this procedure and it may be for nothing if you travel and sit this soon after surgery. When the fat is removed from the body with liposuction, it loses its blood supply which is what keeps it alive. When it is injected back into your buttocks it takes WEEKS before the new blood vessels which grow to those cells are stable. This means that the fat will likely not survive if anything disrupts it over the first several weeks until those new vessels are stable. In order for the fat to live there can absolutely not be ANY pressure on it for a few weeks. This means you should not sit or lay on it at all. Also, flying and the change in pressure causes increased swelling in tissues. This will further put pressure on the fat and likely it will not survive. It will also make all the areas where the liposuction was done, swell even more causing increased pain and more chances of complications for you. You should plan to be off of work and not sitting or laying on your back for at least 3 weeks. Your long-term results will be determined by what you do or don't do in the first few weeks after surgery. Best of luck to you!


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It is probably not a good idea to spend that many hours sitting or to travel so early after surgery.

Norman Bakshandeh, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon

Flying 3 Days Postop Following BBL

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I would recommend giving yourself more than three days to fly following BBL. First, prolonged pressure (sitting) on the fat grafts will decrease the amount of fat that survives. Second, complications decrease in general the more time passes from the time of operation. Third, if you need to see your surgeon for any reason, he or she is not available. I would discuss this with the plastic surgeon.

Travel after Brazilian Butt lift

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Probably not a good idea to travel that quickly after buttock augmentation and sit on the surgical site during your travel.  You may compromise your surgical results.  You may also be putting yourself at risk for other problems.  Talk to your surgeon, to find out how they feel about this.

Dennis Dass, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Traveling after a BBL

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I recommend that you stay longer. I have many patients come to me for this surgery and I recommend that they stay in NYC area for about 7 days after surgery.  This will ensure that they are close by during the immediate post op period when serious complications can occur. Also, the risk of injuring the fat or getting a blood clot when flying is higher ther first few days after surgery. Many people fly to get this surgery, but if you cannot invest the appropriate time for the recovery, then you may want to consider other options. You amy wnat to stay local.

Traveling After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

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Hello. I would recommend waiting at least seven to ten days before flying home after a Brazilian butt lift. Before seven days, it is impossible to be sure that the added fat is healthy and alive, and it is very important to be close to your surgeon for at least that long in case of any negative reactions. Once you return home after the 7-10 days, you will be okay to return to work as well.

Jaime Perez, MD
Brazilian Butt Lift Specialist
Plastic Surgery Center of Tampa

Brazilian Butt lift recovery tips

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BBL recovery can be uncomfortable and your aftercare is important. I personally think it is best if you don't travel for at least two weeks. Being in close contact with your surgeon is an important safety measue. Most of the time it isn't necessary but if there are problems, you want your doctor to be there to take care of you. If you must travel, discuss with your doctor the ideal sitting positions and blood clot prevention. Overall, it is really best to be within a car trips distance from your doctor.

Recovery from BBL

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First, I would not do your surgery unless you could commit to staying in town longer.  BBL is major surgery, and should be treated as such.  If you do not have the time to take care of yourself, and follow your surgeon's instructions, you may want to postpone your surgery.  Discuss this with your surgeon.

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