Will pulling out the loosened hair after laser hair removal make my treatment ineffective?

I had my laser hair removal session in my bikini area 10 days ago, now my hairs are strating to shed. I pulled out a lot of them (I didn't use any force though, they were very loose) I want to know if it's okay to pull out the loose ones.

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It is important for there to be hair under the surface for the laser to target.  Once the laser treatment  has occurred, the hairs will loosen.  They may fall out on their own. This may be more preferable to a natural life cycle as opposed to you pulling them out.  Stay skintastic. 

Fort Smith Dermatologist

Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal is a great process and the hairs should naturally fall out on their own.  I would refrain from pulling out any loose hairs.  Best, Dr. Green

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