Pelleve or microneedling to improve under eye appearance?

my doctor, an oculoplastic surgeon, suggested either microneedling or pelleve to improve under eye area (i have creepiness and a little hyperpigmentation. i like the idea of pelleve bc there is no downtime, but i just read that it can kill your fat. any suggestions?

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Pelleve effect on fat?

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Hello, I've never observed fat atrophy after Pelleve.  It does tend to work well on fine wrinkles but I have not seen an improvement in hyperpigmentation.  The treatments are well-tolerated and actually feel like a warm massage.

Pelleve for under eyes

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Pelleve is a great treatment for around the eyes. You are correct that there is no downtime and a series of Pelleve should help with creepiness. A properly performed Pelleve treatment will not melt the facial fat. The hyperpigmentation would need to be treated with another medium, like microneedling with a lightening product. Please consult with a Board Certified Dermatologist before engaging in a new treatment on this delicate skin. 

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