Can I do Pelleve & Botox treatment on the same day? If not how long before or after Botox can I get a Pelleve treatment?

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Pelleve' & Botox same day?

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Hello, you can do Pelleve the same day as long as its not in the same area.  If its the eye area I would recommend getting botox first, waiting 2 weeks and then have your pelleve'.  It gives your botox time to settle and it gives you a more effective treatment for your pelleve'.

Best of luck to you 

Virginia Beach Physician
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Same day Pelleve and Botox

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Since the subcutaneous temperature increase with Pelleve does not last more than a minute or two, it is safe to inject Botox on the same day. There is no real scientific evidence to support waiting until another time, but would definitely suggest performing the Pelleve first. 

Dr. Knott

Ken Knott, MD
Marietta Physiatrist
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Recommend Pelleve first or wait two weeks

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Pelleve treatments may be given in combination with Neurotoxins and fillers, however, I would recommend to do Pelleve first and wait at least 2 weeks after Botox injections.

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Pelleve and Botox can be performed on the same day

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I would recommend your provider treat you with Pelleve first, followed by your Botox injection.  You would not want to do the Botox before Pelleve, as you would not want the wand to disturb the Botox or your beautiful results!

Gerard J. Stanley, Jr., MD
Omaha Family Physician
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Pelleve and Botox

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Botox requires you to be upright and not manually disturb the area for 90 minutes and best to do at a normal skin temperature to minimize the risk of Botox migration; I would recommend having them on separate days.

Pelleve and Botox treatment on the same day?

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Yes, The practice you are visiting should schedule your Pelleve treatment followed by your botox treatment, same day is fine.

Vu Ho, MD
Plano Facial Plastic Surgeon

Pelleve and Botox same day?

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Hello, if I am administering Pelleve and Botox on the same day I do Pelleve first.  Pelleve involves a massaging action on the skin, and I want to make sure I do not disturb the Botox.

Pelleve skin tightening and Botox on the same day

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It should be possible to perform skin tightening with Pelleve and Botox injection the same day since these are two different techniques, one using heat, the other muscles paralyzing agent. To avoid an uneven distribution of the heat, one should perform Pelleve first, followed by Botox injections.

Pelleve and Botox

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Yes you absolutely can.  I perform Pelleve first followed by Botox.  The results are great.  Hope this is helpful.

Pelleve and Botox

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Yes you can do both on the same day.  The Pelleve should be done first.  However, you might have more irritation from the needle sticks for Botox, when it's done after the tissue heating of Pelleve.  However, this should be a temporary effect without affecting the results from each treatment.

Semira Bayati, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon

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