Liposuction or Ultherapy for double chin? (photos)

I'm 30 and am quite slim (132lb, 5'10") but genetics kindly gave me a double chin! I have visited two cosmetic surgeons - one recommended liposuction, the other recommended Ultherapy as he said there's only a little fat and that the problem was skin laxity, which he says liposuction won't fix. Ultherapy is more expensive, I don't like how I have to go back after 12 months or so, and it has mixed reviews, but non-invasive sounds good... Which of these in your opinion is more likely to work?

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Double chin treatments

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Thank you for your question.  From your photos, it appears you do have excess fat under the chin.  Ultherapy will not address this issue.  You may benefit from treatment with a non-surgical fat reduction treatment such as CoolSculpting or Kybella, followed by UItherapy to tighten the skin and define the jawline.

If you are looking for more significant correction, you may consider a minimally invasive laser assisted neck lift, such as Precision Tx.  Three small incisions (one by each ear and one under the chin) are made, and a laser is inserted to melt the fat, then the excess fat is removed by liposuction, and finally the laser is used again to tighten the skin.  This procedure can provide impressive results with minimal downtime.  I would suggest consulting with a provider who offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical options so you can discuss your expectations.  Your provider should do a thorough examination to determine which treatment modalities will best meet your needs.

Double chin correction

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you have a problem of double chin and no definition of mandible . Ultherapy and radio frequency devices will improve the appearance . But if you want very good result , Liposuction is the best option. Liposuction not only removes the fat , it tightens the skin too. A doctor who uses nonsurgical and surgical methods in his practise is the best person to guide you .

Double chin options: Ultherapy, liposuction, Kybella

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Without examining you it is not possible to say for sure but you should be aware of all your options:

  • Kybella injections if there is some degree of fat and possibly a little bit of skin laxity
  • Liposuction if it is mostly fat with good skin tone
  • Ultherapy if it is loose skin without excess fat. In your age group your results should be long lasting. 

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