I have an indent on my butt cheek. Any suggestions?

i recently had cool sculpting done to the upper backs of my legs, under my butt. at one point during the application the machine slipped for about a second and grabbed by butt-but it was for 1 second. I noticed an indent on the lower part of one of my butt cheeks, I guess this was where the machine slipped. its like someone took a chunk out. very noticeable in yoga pants could this have happened in one second of exposure or from the surrounding area being treated.....desperate for a resolution

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I have an indent on my butt cheek. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question. I would discuss this with your CoolSculpting provider and go over what was done during the treatment. It may or many not be permanent. All the best. 


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I have an indent on my butt cheek after CoolSculpting. Any suggestions?

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If this indentation was following CoolSculpting then depending on how long ago the treatment is may or may not go away with time. Specifically if the CoolSculpting treatment applicator included some of the buttocks tissue, this indentation may represent a loss of fat from the buttocks that may indeed be permanent. I would notify your CoolSculpting provider. Sometimes additional CoolSculpting can assist with contouring the area to improve the symmetry but other procedures may be required that may include liposuction and fat transfer.

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I would definitely consult your treating physician for examination and compare your before and after photos and consult an expert. Please keep us posted. Best, Dr. Green

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