I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abs 7 weeks ago but now I'm lumpy and gross. (photo)

I'm a 45 year old mom of two, 5'3", 105 lbs. Petite in general but just couldn't get rid of baby pooch. I'm now left with a very ugly stomach. There's an indentation over my belly button and a shelf under it. The Medspa where I had the procedure told me to wait the full 12 weeks to see if it evens out. Please tell me this can be fixed. I don't want to do another treatment but I don't want to be deformed forever.

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Lumps after cool sculpting

I see what you're talking about, first wait a full 3 months. If you want to post a before picture as well as which applicators were used, I could give you a better idea. Practitioners do matter, experience matters, don't get any more treatments unless you know you went to somewhere great with high volume of patients and good experience. Best of Luck!

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CoolSculpting Results

It would definitely be best to wait the full 12 weeks to see what your full results are.  Also, it would be easier to assess if you could provide a before picture of your abdomen.  Also, I am curious to how many applicators you used on your stomach and how they were applied to your "baby pooch."  Based off of your pictures,  you still have some bulges that may be able to be treated by CoolSculpting to smooth out your tummy more.  If the applicators were not placed on the right area, this can affect the results you have from the procedure.

Jeffrey Hartog, MD
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Lumpy after Coolsculpting

I would recommend waiting til the 12 week mark to decide if you need to do more treatment or not.  This is a great example of why you should always choose your Coolsculpting provider wisely.  The procedure seems simple but applicator placement is essential to good, even treatment.  We want to reduce the highest, most prominent spots and not take a "bite" out of the area.  If your contour irregularities do not even out then you can have the surrounding areas treated to make them blend in.   Good luck!

Grant Stevens, MD
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Patience After COolsculpting

It make sense to wait to see the final result after coolsculpting to determine if you need additional treatments.  In the event there are small lumpy areas, we recommend additional coolsculpting treatments or utilize other technologies such as Trusculpting which allows us to further smooth and area out.  I would consult with the provider who performed these services

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I had Coolsculpting done on my lower abs 7 weeks ago but now I'm lumpy and gross.

Thank you for your question. I would recommend waiting the full 12 weeks and performing massages to the area. If you are concerned, speak to your provider for more specific instructions to help you with your recovery. All the best.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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I would wait three months as well.  Then go back for photos.  Shelves are just areas of undertreated fat.  You may want to treat above and below the area of indentation.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Problems with Coolsculpting

I would recommend patience. Many of these minor issues resolve with time. If you have areas that are firm, you can gently massage them. If you haven't discussed this with your provider, then I would highly recommend that you do so. If your provider is not a plastic surgeon, you may want to consider an evaluation by one.
Andrew Campbell, M.D. Facial Plastic Specialist Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
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CoolSculpting retreatment

I would agree with the advice to wait at least twelve weeks before proceeding with any remedial treatment.  We use ultrashape which is a physical based ultrasound (as opposed to a heat based ultrasound) to treat this type of condition.  I would go to a body center which offers a variety of noninvasive fat removal services for an analysis.   The spa which performed your cool sculpting might have other modalities to treat this and they might do it at a more reasonable cost given your dissatisfaction.  Regardless I would definitely get a second opinion.  Dr. Adrienne Stewart M.D. FAAD

Adrienne E. Stewart, MD
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Coolsculpting on Lower Abs

Lori- it's hard to tell without seeing your "before" photos and knowing which Coolsculpting applicator (there are different applicators and different ways to place the applicators on the stomach) was used on your stomach.  I'd recommend waiting the 90 days post treatment and then going in for your 90 day review and b/a pics.  You can then discuss your results and b/a pics with your provider.  If there is still a concern at that point, seek out a 2nd opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck, Doc Halliday

Douglas Halliday, PhD, MD (account suspended)
Syracuse Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting results

I would wait a full three months before assessing your results and its hard to comment without knowing what the area looked like prior to treatment. That being said, I always advise patients to not do procedures such as CoolSculpting at a medispa. This like all cosmetic procedures are still medical and are not performed with equal quality in every location. At my office, each and every patient being treated is personally evaluated by me and I perform the actual treatment and don't delegate it off.

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