Fraxel laser while on 20 mg of Isotretinoin?

My doctor here is Korea told me to get Fraxel laser, i'm currently finishing my 2 month and my doctor said to only take Isotretinoin for 3 months. i've gotten 2 v-beam lasers ( 3 weeks apart) while on Isotretinoin and haven't had much problems. Is it safe for me to do the fraxel? Please help.

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Fraxel and Isotretinon

Fraxel is currently contraindicated while on Accutane and for one year after completion of the medication.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with expertise in Fraxel.  

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Fraxel While on Isotretinoin

I am one of the very few doctors who will do laser treatments while patients are on isotretinoin.  There is new literature that suggests improved wound healing and scarring results when light laser resurfacing is done and it speeds up the process of the isotretinoin.  But this has to be done by an expert, with the right skin protection and laser training.  Studies from the 1980s suggested poor wound healing after laser while on isotretinoin, but that has not been seen in my practice of 9 years doing this.  Other "safer" options include viva (RF), microneedling/PRP, and clear + brilliant (lower density/energy fractional). Best, Dr. Emer.

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